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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

OLMC Athletics "Buckets for Benefit" Fundraiser!

OLMC Athletics is excited to announce that we have made a grand total of $2973.00 for the Buckets for Benefit Fundraiser!!!  That is AWESOME!!!  We really appreciate your support!!!

The following is a break-down of what you helped us sell/raise:

136 five-gallon buckets for a profit of $1768.00
63 pods for a profit of $315.00
35 one-gallon jugs for a profit of $175.00
34 scent boosters for a profit of $150.00
35 dryer sheets for a profit of $165.00

We collected $100.00 in donations.
We earned a $300.00 incentive donation for selling 300-399 products.

OLMC Athletics purchased a few extra items to sell.  If you missed getting an order turned in, check with me to see if we have what you need!

The families that sold 15 or more items will receive a Bubble Machine!  Those students are:
26 items – Drake Porter
25 items – Abbi & Owen Smith
22 items -  Colt & Andrew Johnson
17 items - Gabriel Patterson
15 items - Conner & Hudson Wade

The products will be arriving in two to three weeks.  We will need 8-10 strong people to help us get the truck unloaded.  If you would be able to come up to the school and help unload, please let me know.  I will send out a text message to all as soon as I know what time the truck will arrive.  It doesn't take very long to unload, and once we take an inventory you can take your order with you.  You can email me back your name and number, or you can text me your name and number (my cell is 618.925.6387) if you are able to help.

Thank you all so much for your continued support to OLMC School and the OLMC Athletic Program!!!

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